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​​Information Management
Do you require assistance managing your business information so that it is accessible, easy for staff to use and appropriate for its purpose? 

​We can give you confidence that your business is in order by providing:

  • An Information Management Plan (create, store and secure documents and records);
  • Improvements to business efficiency - reducing complexity and duplication;
  • Customised policies, user guides and templates;
  • Advice regarding document and content management systems.

Records Management
Records Management is a specialist practice with degrees of legal complexity depending on the size and type of organisation.  

​A record has value as evidence of a transaction, decision, event or agreement.  There are regulations and laws that stipulate how records should be retained, accessed and audited. 

​Government organisations and some businesses are bound by a mix of state and national legislation, such as:

  • ​​Public Records Act;
  • ​​Electronic Transactions Act;
  • ​​Evidence Act;
  • ​​Privacy Act;
  • ​Health Records Act.

Content Place can help you meet requirements for information and records management, through the following:

  • Audit of records management processes, gap analysis and process improvement opportunities;
  • Regulatory / legal assessment;
  • Security, privacy and copyright management policy and procedure;
  • Records retention schedules.